What is brown vs board of education

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Another very important document that must be submitted along with the thesis is a review. Sometimes it is called: “external review”, but it does not change the essence. Your overall grade for a diploma depends on how and what the reviewer writes. Therefore, the selection of a reviewer is an extremely important exercise. Of course, it happens that he absolutely does not care about your diploma, and he asks you to write a review yourself.

Then everything is much simpler, and you have nothing to worry about, except about how to write a review of the diploma. You can simply order it from us on the exchange. This is quite cheap, since we do not use the services of intermediaries, our customers and authors agree on a price. What is a reviewer? There are two types of reviewers: free and appointed by the graduating department. Who are they? If the reviewer is appointed by the department, then most likely it will be someone from the faculty of your university.

Consequently, he will know everything about you: how you studied all these years, what grades you received, how your practices went through, etc. It is even possible that he was your teacher and really wants you to get a red diploma. If this is all right with you, then you can calm down a bit. And if there were problems, then perhaps such a reviewer will have a biased attitude to your work in advance. This, of course, unpleasant, but nothing can be done. We’ll have to stand out with other things, such as defensive speech.

 A free reviewer is a person who does not belong to your university, no one appoints him. You choose it yourself according to the following parameters: He must occupy a profile position. It is better that he had a degree. There are far fewer problems with such a reviewer. Often, it doesn’t matter to him how you studied, did you go to classes and did your homework. He is completely objective to you and your work. The situation when a student writes a review happens with free reviewers. Good or bad – a controversial issue. In any case, if you have written a high-quality diploma – you have nothing to worry about.