Dissertation defense presentation

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The structure and content of the review It all starts with a cap. In it is written the name of the work: Review of the master’s work on the theme “The process of adaptation of adolescents to the environment of a new secondary school” student name, 5th year, group … Next is a description of the relevance of the topic. It is easiest to duplicate what is written in the diploma: In this paper, the direction of sociology is considered – the process of adaptation of adolescents. This topic is very relevant in modern society. The author highlighted the most interesting approaches developed by sociological scientists on the process of adaptation of children of puberty. The influence of maladaptation factors on the emerging personality is also considered. An analysis of the phenomenon of maladjustment and its manifestations.

Further evaluate how the content corresponds to the section headings. As far as the study is logical and reasonable: The author of the diploma analyzed a large amount of theoretical material. The level of research is quite high both in theoretical and methodological terms. In the practical part of the work, the student considers ways to implement the program, which is designed to increase the adaptability of adolescents in a new educational institution. The program is divided into separate stages and painted in detail. The proposed program is rich in content. The advantage is the short time at which the program should be executed.

This makes it possible to implement it in schools without disturbing the curriculum. The content of the work corresponds to the topic. The material is presented logically and constructively. The sections are interconnected, which indicates an integral approach to research. The topic of work is fully disclosed. The author achieved the goals set and fulfilled the tasks set to the full extent: The practical material that was used in the work is reliable, the conclusions made are justified. Highlight the pros and cons of work: On the shortcomings need to be said, but to declare that they are insignificant and do not affect the quality of work in general.

The student showed excellent organizational skills in the development of the program. Independence and creative approach to performing tasks were also shown. Evaluate the design of the work: The thesis is framed in accordance with existing standards. All the stated sections are highlighted correctly … There are no semantic, spelling, punctuation errors in the work … Evaluate the practical value of the work: This study can be recommended for use in the work of a social teacher in secondary educational institutions. Make conclusions: Student’s full name on the topic “…” is a finished work that corresponds to the student’s specialty. The work is worthy of excellent marks. Reviewer position, signature, date. A sample of a thesis review on pedagogy gives a very concrete idea of ​​how the work should be compiled. If you are unable to properly prepare this document, you can contact us. Qualified specialists in a short time will prepare for you an excellent review.